23 01 2008

We got our letter from the United States Center of Immigration and Citizenship saying we could go get our fingerprints. So of course we went this morning and sat and sat and sat. But it is now over and we are one step closer to China. We are still waiting on one piece of paper so we can move another step. Keep praying it goes smoothly and quickly.



7 01 2008

100_14691.jpg Well, the fabric is starting to roll in. It has been soooo much fun to see what our family and friends have sent in.

The little things

3 01 2008

100_1470.jpg You know when you have to wait two years for your baby to get here you have to celebrate the little things. So the other day when my mom and I went to Target I found the cutest little shoes for Brynnlee. Of course I bought them, they were on clearance and just to adorable to pass up. Her daddy even thought they were cute!