It’s here

22 04 2008

The paperwork arrived today!!!!! It is going in the mail to Missouri then they will mail it to Beijing!!!

Oh my gosh, it is really happening!!!!!!


On the way

19 04 2008

Kyle checked with FedEx and our paperwork is on the way home. We paid extra to have courier walk it around for us and it paid off. The paperwork should be back in our hot little hands on Tuesday. Then off to Houston and then to Beijing. WhoooHooo!!!!

Sew what

14 04 2008

So, we have received several scraps of fabric the last couple of weeks and it was time to sew.  I sat in Brynnlee’s room yesterday and sewed 3 more more squares together. The count as of last night was 56 good luck wishes. I can’t wait for the day when she will sit down with us and look and read about the people in her life. And I can’t wait for her to meet all the people in her life. I will have Kyle post some pics of the fabric.

And would you look at that, I actually did it! Love you guys!!

Paperwork Pregnancy

10 04 2008

So when we started this process we thought we were going to be quick and on top of things. Well so much for that thought. We now know why they call it a paperwork pregnancy. It has taken us nine months to get to this point. What point? We are now ready to send our paperwork to a courier so that she can walk our paperwork through the US Secretary of State office in Washington. Then she will pick it up, carry it down the street to the Chinese Embassy office in Washington so they can do their thing and then mail it back to us. We will then turn around and mail it to our case worker in Missouri who will double check everything and then mail it to Beijing for us. This is where the wait officially begins. Beijing will then log it into the computer (our LID) and then send us the okay. Right now the wait is 26-28 months until we travel. So we will go to work everyday, work on the house, save money, work on the house, save money, continue to work and fix the house. Did I mention save money? But you know what? We are thankful for every moment of the ride (even though it brought tears at some points), every penny (or dollar) that we have spent and how much we have grown in our faith. Uummm…her middle name. Thank you for all your support and prayers. Keep checking back with us.