Thank the Lord

28 05 2008

We saw on the internet today that Vietnam and Guatemala both have stopped adoptions for American couples. Apparently people in these two locations have been stealing babies, taking them to orphanages and claiming they are available for adoption. Somehow American agencies found out that the babies are stolen and when they called the foreign agencies on it, they called off all adoptions. We are just thankful that we did not feel that the Lord was leading us to either place. Please pray for these families as many were already prepared for their baby. Who knows what will happen now.


New stuff

23 05 2008

So we get a package last night from our agency and it’s a book about our upcoming trip. Lots of cool and interesting stuff, like…packing (what to pack, how to pack,etc…), what to eat and not eat, where to swim and where not to swim, what immunizations we need, what gifts to take to all the orphanage workers (like we haven’t helped enough by taking a baby and paid thousands of dollars) but the coolest was a language guide. It came with this really cool picture book (to take with us for help) and a CD. We will be practicing the language until we travel so hopefully we will know how to say something in Chinese. I told mom what I want to learn to say is “Where’s my baby?” I didn’t see it in the book.

It’s out of our hands

3 05 2008

We mailed the paper work off this morning. So, it’s offical…the paper work pregnancy is over. Now it’s a waiting game for our referral. Here are our current prayer requests…

1. The St. Louis office mails completed Dossiers to the Beijing office every Friday. They (St. Louis) should be receiving ours on Tuesday. Hopefully they can mail it this Friday, if not maybe next week.

2. Then it will take CHI Beijing 2 weeks to translate.

3. Finances…we have paid for half of the adoption, but still have a lot to go. Please pray that we will continue to save and prepare for Brynnlee. This is so hard to do when you know that you have 2 1/ 2 years.

I will stop here and post the next steps later. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers.