It’s official!!!

10 06 2008

Kyle had a very happy birthday on Friday!!! We got a postcard in the mail stating that we have officially been logged into the CCAA system. Our official Log In Date was May 30th 2008. We mailed our Dossier to St.Louis on May 15th 2008. We were told in our paperwork, that once our Dossier arrives in Beijing it would take approximately 2 weeks to translate. Then it would move from the Beijing office to the CCAA and it would remain there up to one month as it is being logged in. We were prepared to wait at least 6 weeks and it all happened in 15 days! So as you can see God is still working miracles in getting our Brynnlee Faith home faster. Now our Dossier is waiting to be taken to the “Bridge of Love” office where they will verify our Dossier’s translation. This process is “expected” to take 2-3 months. Then the Dossier will move to Department 1 where it will wait for review and approval. This is also “expected” to take 2-3 months. Then the Dossier is headed to Department 2 for matching. There is no number of months to expect, it just says “many months”. So we will keep you posted as we know more.

Remember to keep sending in the material. We have received 76 out of 120 pieces. I am planning on sewing as much as I can this summer while I have the free time.

Thank you for all your continued prayers it is working!!!!!

Kyle & Leigh Ann