God moves

20 07 2008

So while we were at Super Summer last week we were talking about ministering to others. How do we minister and how do others minister to us? The leader brought up the thought that others minister to Kyle and I by sending fabric for Brynnlee’s quilt. Of course I start crying thinking about all the people who love this little girl and she is not even here. So on Wednesday night at camp dinner, Kyle hands me an e-mail he printed out. It was the most amazing encounter of two complete strangers. Instead of trying to explain it look on our blog and read her response. Her name is Jennie and she has the sweetest heart! We heard all week how we need to TESTIFY to what God has been doing in our lives and this has totally given me the opportunity.

We are still waiting on her paperwork to go through the 3 departments so we can get our referral. Please, please, please keep praying that her paperwork will land on the top of every stack and move through first and quickly.