Quick News is Good News!!!!

28 04 2009

So I had yet another doctor’s appointment this morning with Dr. Atkinson. They were only looking at my cervix to make sure it’s still long (that’s a good thing!!) Maybe TMI but too late. So it looks great and I now get to see him every two weeks instead of every Tuesday! WOO HOO!!!!!!! The bed rest is working so we are going to keep it up.


Week 18 Bell Pepper

25 04 2009


Week 17 Turnip

25 04 2009


In the blink of an eye!

25 04 2009

Many of you that at this point in my pregnancy things began to change. My first trimester went off without a hitch. I felt great, was never sick and finally got my energy back. Then around week 16 Dr. Killeen began to see weird things. So he sent me downstairs to see a specialist, Dr. Atkinson. Dr. Atkinson confirmed that I had a blood clot at my cervix that was causing problems. His remedy was to keep going to work but I had to sit all day. Okay, really a second grade teacher sit in her class all day and not walk around?? Are you kidding me? When I came home from work I was to get in bed and stay there the rest of the night. No house work, no cooking, no laundry, no running errands, NOTHING! Poor Kyle! He probably thought he had died and gone to hell. So things began to look a little better. Then I would have days of worse bleeding. So Dr. Atkinson’s next course of action was no work for a week and let’s see what happens. So of course things got really good and the bleeding stooped. Well here we are…complete bed rest. They have narrowed my problem down to two possible issues and both require I stay off my feet and not sit straight up. I can go out one day a week for about an hour or the bleeding picks back up. So I think you will officially see more blogging on my part. I am always looking for things to do to keep me occupied during the day (while lying down). Talk to me peeps :o)

Week 16 Alvacado

25 04 2009