The Beginning & The End

27 05 2009



Here are some pictures of Brogan’s newly painted room. We (Brogan and I) love daddy and Gigi for all the painting that they did. I think it looks fabulous!!! Now we just need a bed to put him in.


Week 22 Spaghetti Squash

27 05 2009


Remember, we are comparing length not actual size. I am reading that Brogan should be around 8 inches and he is measuring closer to 10 inches. He should also be weighing around 1 pound and he is weighing in at 1 pound 5 ounces. He doesn’t get any of this from his mother!

Week 21 Carrot

27 05 2009


How great is my God?

13 05 2009

Well, let me tell you! So I had a nervous break down last week about AFLAC not paying as much as we thought. When I got home yesterday from seeing my kids we had some mail from AFLAC. So of course my personality type jumps to the worse possible place. I start thinking about how the paperwork wasn’t filled out correctly or something wasn’t signed…you know where I’m going with this. I open the envelope and much to my surprise there is a check for the amount of $3,080.00!!!!! Are you kidding me?? I prayed that God would take care of us while the money was short. Well I guess He showed me!!! I know that if we give it to Him, He will take care of us but sometimes we forget that and want to handle it ourselves. What a reminder that He is in control!!!

New stuff

10 05 2009

So daddy has been busy building a new fence and Gigi (my mom) has been busy painting the nursery. We are just waiting on the molding to be painted, order the furniture and put the room together. Only 19 more weeks until baby Brogan is suppose to be here!!!!!100_1859

Here is our old fence. How did that thing stay up?


Here is the new fence! Didn’t Brogan’s daddy do a great job?


The old faux painted wall in Brogan’s room.


Gigi adding some taupe paint to the bottom of the wall, fresh white on the top and then a icy blue in the middle.


The finished product. We are now waiting on the molding to be hung and painted.

Need to Vent!!!!!

6 05 2009

Why have I been paying for AFLAC? We bought the short term disability policy about 9 years ago when we started trying for a baby. Well here we are ready to use it. So I call this morning to find out for sure how it is going to pay…here is when I get mad! We knew that it would pay for bed rest, NICU and then maturnity leave. What we didn’t know is that for the 3 months that I will not be getting a pay check from Cooper I will only receive $1000 from AFLAC. That’s right!!! I will only make $1000!!!! How do people who are off work longer get buy? I am starting to FREAK¬† OUT a little bit. I guess all the budget planning Kyle wanted to do will start today.¬† Did I mention we still need to buy baby furniture? baby basics? I do believe this is going to send me over the edge!!!! Any ideas for cutting cost? I thought our lives would officially change AFTER Brogan got here, not while he was still in the womb.

Good Help

2 05 2009

So I’m not able to get up and help with things around the house…but I know people. Mom and dad are here and helping. Mom started painting Brogan’s nursery last night and has continued all day today. Dad showed up this afternoon and is helping with the fence. Austin Mac came over this morning to help Kyle finish the fence. So all three men are trying to build the gate for our new fence!!! Gotta love family and Austin!!!! I will post pics of the nursery later.