What a lesson learned

21 06 2009

After looking and looking and looking at baby furniture we decided to order Brogan’s furniture from JCPenney. I spoke with other moms who got their furniture there, I read a million reviews and even saw some in person, I felt very good about my decision. Well, the end of May came and I ordered the crib, changing tower and hutch. They told me when I ordered it that the crib was going to be on back order until June 22nd . The changing tower and hutch were going to arrive in Lubbock on June 7th. Okay…so June 7th arrives and we go to pick up the furniture. When we get there they have two boxes…a changing tower and a crib. I was soooo pumped ( I wanted the crib more than anything)!!! We get it home, unload it and begin the process of putting it together. The changing tower goes together perfectly. We unload the pieces for the crib and realize that it is not the right crib. So my thought is “let’s keep it and pay the difference” except the price difference is like $200. So we load it back up (out of the box, and in many pieces) and take it back to JCP. Then they have to refund the money for the hutch, that was not properly ordered, and reorder it. So, here we are June 14th and they call and say the hutch and crib are in. Again, so excited!!! We take the pieces of the hutch out of the box one at a time and make sure they are all correct and not damamged. We get step one complete of the instructions and realize that they left off some plugs so we could not complete step two or any of the others. So we had to take that one piece back and reorder the whole hutch. Did I mention we had a million pieces scattered all over Brogan’s floor? We get back home and Brogan’s sweet daddy offers to put the crib together. Again, we look over every piece as we pull it out of the box. And wouldn’t you know the last piece is busted. Again, we took that one piece and went back to JCP. They had to reorder the crib so we could have one piece. Did I mention that we now have hutch pieces and crib pieces laying everywhere? Now, it’s June 19th and the third batch of furniture as arrived. This time we look the pieces over at the store instead of at home. They are right!!!! So, daddy and I put all the furniture together on Friday night and it looks great! Let’s just say that when Brynnlee gets here I will pay more and make sure that it does not come from JCP!!!!!!!











Week 27

21 06 2009

Well, here we are at week 27. I forgot to pick up a vegetable at United today but Brogan’s vegetable comparison is a cauliflower. I can’t believe we only have 13 weeks to go!!!!100_1936