Thanksgiving 2009

28 11 2009

Thanksgiving 2009…so many things to be thankful for!

*Kyle-always supporting me in my crazy ideas,adventures and life in general. Thank you for being a Godly man and leader in our house.  

*Brogan-what a blessing!!! We waited to soo long for him and he has been nothing but a complete joy. I wonder everyday what kind of  little boy and then man he will grow up to be. I pray that he watches his dad and grows into the same Godly man.

*Families-thank you for all your prayers for Brogan and help with Brogan. Because of your help Kyle and I can still work on our marriage.

*Friends-without you we would be very tired. Thank you for all the date nights. Again, this has allowed Kyle and I to work on our relationship. I know that many of you prayed for Brogan well before he got here and have continued to pray for him since. We are blessed to  have each one of you in our lives.

Here are a few pics of Brogan’s first Thanksgiving…


So big!!!

1 11 2009

Laura and Andrew came over the other day and Andrew decided he wanted to hold Brogan. Laura got him on the couch, had him sit all the way back and here we go. Andrew thought he was being sooo BIG! He wanted to give Brogan his pacifier and then when Brogan did start crying he wanted to give him back. Here are some of the sweetest pictures!!!




My new best friend

1 11 2009

I don’t know if this is more true for Brogan or me…rice cereal is my new best friend!  Granted we only give him two tablespoons at his last feeding of the night, but it helps him sleep from 10:30ish to 3:00ish. Oh how we love cereal!!!




Cooper vs. Cancer

1 11 2009

I decided that maybe walking in Race for the Cure would jump start me exercising. Mom, Brogan and I walked our mile in the freezing cold and then headed home to warmth.100_2276


My niece Kiersten

1 11 2009

This was the first time that my brother, Brad got to see Brogan. Not only was it special to have him here, he brought his daughter Kiersten with him. Kiersten is an amazing little girl…The week before Brogan was born, Kiersten was diagnosed with a brain tumor. What could have been a very grim recovery ended up being a miracle. Kiersten’s parents were told that she would be in the hospital a minimum of 6-8 weeks and then have months of OT. She went home two weeks later and only needs OT a few times a week for a few months. What a blessing both of these babies are to their family.100_2282