Telluride Day 5

19 03 2010

Today the snow arrived!!! The skiing group left Ridgeway at 8:00 and arrived in Telluride at 9:40. Brogan and I decided that today would be a good day to stay at the hotel. Well it ended up not being the most pleasant, Brogan was a little cranky. Here are a few pics from our last day.


Telluride Day 4

19 03 2010

We had another beautiful day in Telluride. A generous friend from THF had lunch catered for all us today. We went to his rent house and hung out. As Brogan and I were getting ready to leave I turned around and our whole group was gone…they left us there. Lance was very generous and offered for Brogan and I to stay at the house and hang out. M2 took me on a fabulous tour of this multi million(20) dollar house. I can’t wrap my mind around this house. Here are a few pics from the house.

These stain glass pieces were in the front doors (one in each door). The home owner loves stain glass and has it everywhere.

This was a table that sat in the middle of the wine cellar that had bottles of wine and candles all over it.

One, very small section of the wine racks in the wine cellar.

This is just a sample of what the bathrooms look like in this house. When you step into this house you feel like you stepped back 100’s of years. All the sinks are hammered copper or just like this. The candles on the left (white) are on timers. At a scheduled time they come on through out the whole house so all the stair cases, rooms halls offices, etc are candle lit all night.

This is just one stair case in this house. They either have rails like this or deer antlers.

This is the view outside the master bedroom. Breath taking!!

Telluride Day 3

19 03 2010

This was our first full day in Telluride, CO. Brogan and I hung out in Mountain Village with some of our best friends and enjoyed the fabulous sunny weather. I didn’t think before we left Lubbock that Brogan might need some eye protection. Well, we found some of the cutest baby sunglasses in Telluride. I went back later and bought him his first pair of shades. How cute is he???

So after I got Brogan some cool shades Mika and I decided that we needed to have a photoshoot with Brogan in the snow. I just knew that he would have a fit when Mika sat him in the snow. Well, here are the results.

Telluride CO

19 03 2010

Carrots…gotta love ’em

19 03 2010

Brogan tried carrots for the first time in the car on the way to Telluride. He loves them just like everything else. We made a total mess but had tons of fun!

Telluride Day 1-Essentials for any road trip

19 03 2010

Here are some of our essentials for our first road trip with Brogan. Some are for mom and dad’s sanity and some are for Brogan’s sanity.

1. Sirius Radio-traveling through the mountains the radio is always hit and miss.

2. Sonic is like Visa…don’t leave town without it.

3.iPhone-what an addiction! We could text the other cars and keep an eye on the weather.

4. milk

5.the pacifier

6. Bing-Brogan’s favorite stuffed animal from Beijing

Sitting Up…February 2, 2010

6 03 2010

Brogan  practiced sitting alone tonight. He could only do it for about 5 seconds and then he was falling back over. Even the dog got in  on the action.