Swinging with Pop

30 05 2010

We walked over to DeeDee & Pop’s house last night. Pop was in the swing and of course that was where Brogan wanted to be also. Brogan loves his DeeDee and Pop. After a few smiles we ran inside and grabbed the camera. Here is some of the fun that Pop and Brogan had last night in the swing.


Love this smile!!!

8 05 2010


New Discovery

8 05 2010

Brogan found out there was another side of the living room. Then, he found that the dog was on the other side of the glass door. How cute is he looking out the door at the dog?

Uncle Brad’s Birthday

8 05 2010

This was the first birthday we have been able to celebrate with my brother in about 7 years. We had all of the family and even some extended in for dinner. Brogan loved getting to hang with Devon and Kiersten. Happy Birthday Uncle Brad!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                 


Just a swingin’

7 05 2010

Kyle and I did manage to give Brogan one of his Easter presents. We decided to get him a swing to hang on the patio. We love being outside and working in the yard. But, what do you do with an infant who is crawling all over the place? Stick him in the swing. Well as you can see he found the swing so relaxing that he took himself a little nap.


Easter in Plainview

5 05 2010

This was the craziest Easter! I was so excited that we were going to celebrate Easter with my parents, grandparents and my brother. The craziness all started when I realized Easter morning that I forgot Brogan’s first Easter basket. Good thing GiGi had it together and had bought Brogan one. Then I got sick…everyone left for church and Kyle, Brad and I hung back. When I felt it was safe to leave the house we headed to church. Kyle, Brogan and I had to leave during Sunday school because I was still sick. The day only got worse since we had to head to my Nanny and Mack’s church since “Big Mack” was being rebaptized. We stayed long enough for me to take some pictures and then we went home. Poor Kyle had to finish cooking Easter lunch by himself and watch Brogan because I passed out on the couch and went to sleep. I woke up long enough to eat some mac & cheese and a few bites of ham. I then went back to sleep and slept for three hours. We got no family picture and I missed all the excitement. Here are a few shots I got before we left town.

Good thing GiGi and Gimpy have soft grass. This was the first time Brogan sat in the grass. I don’t think he was to sure about it.

Okay…maybe I was wrong. I think he was just fine in the grass.

“What? You want me to crawl on this stuff?” GiGi and Brogan crawling in the grass.

Brogan found one little patch of mud and got his toe stuck in it. He and GiGi are checking out the mud on his toe.

Here are the fabulous Easter goodies that Gigi got. He loved it all and explored each and every thing.

Saturday before Easter

5 05 2010

Gigi and I took Brogan for some professional pictures Saturday morning in Plainview. They turned out great but we could only pick one pose. So mom and I went by Nanny and Mack’s house and I ended up taking some of my own.

Gimpy was being silly and Brogan loved every minute of it!

Brogan discovered that Nanny’s Easter basket had “grass” and he wanted to eat it.

Well, as you can see the grass would tickle his nose before he could get it in his mouth.

What a beautiful sweet blessing!

I love this little man more than I ever imagined I could love another person beside Kyle!